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Cargo consolidation in Europe

Cargo consolidation is a service in which several smaller shipments are combined in one lot and then shipped together to avail of better freight rates and security of cargo.

Consolidation can significantly reduce the cost of moving smaller volumes of goods by moving the goods together.

First Logistic offers cargo consolidation service in Europe. Our European warehouse is located in Vantaa, Finland. Consolidated shipments are then sent to Russia for delivery as a modular cargo.

You can be absolutely sure that your cargo is being stored and handled in compliance with all necessary rules and conditions. We work only with time-tested agents, and our warehouses meet European standards.


  • Exclusive attention to every partner
  • 100% cargo
    safety guarantee,
    by company funds
  • Fast processing at every stage
    of transportation
  • Time-tested routes, efficient and safe
  • Responsibility
    and control
    over the entire
    shipping process