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Interesting Facts

  • Our company has been in trucking industry for more than 6 years.
  • Since then over 4,000 cargoes have been successfully delivered.
  • Total weight of all delivered cargoes is about 1,200,000 kg which is equal to the weight of 7.5 blue whales (at up to 160 tonnes in weight it is the largest animal in the world), 300 elephants or 17,140 average people.
  • When you are reading this, more than 50 cargoes are in transit.
  • Over 100 cargoes weighting about 36 tonnes total are processed every month.
  • Our regular customers list includes over 500 companies.
  • Our total warehouse space in Saints Petersburg is 15,000 sq. m — that’s about two football fields.
  • Maximum delivery distance: 13,200 km (automotive parts from Argentina to Saints Petersburg).
  • Fastest delivery: 15 minutes (urgent delivery to the customer’s warehouse in Saints Petersburg by car).
  • Most popular shipping route: from China to Saints Petersburg.
  • Largest cargo ever shipped: six woodworking machines 108 meters in total length and 30 tonnes in total weight.
  • Most dangerous cargo ever shipped: oxygen gas generators used in aicraft industry.
  • Most unusual cargo ever shipped: gold leaf for bathroom décor.